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At Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, we are committed to you at every step of your care journey with us. That means not only providing high-quality medical care but also providing timely financial information about that care. Our goal is to make sure the comprehensive, expert care we provide is available to each family who needs it.

Many of our patients require coordinated, specialized care from our highly-trained, board-certified physicians. No matter the complexity of your child’s medical needs, we have several resources to help you understand what you can expect when choosing Gillette.

Gillette has a team of financial advocates who will work with you and your insurance to provide you with an in-depth estimate for your care. Email or call 651-325-2177.

Price Estimator coming soon!

Understand Your Costs

Knowing the cost of your care is important. At Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, we do our best to provide patients and families with financial resources and information early in the decision-making process. With the help of our financial advocates, you can be better informed about your health care costs.

You might find that costs at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare are higher than they are at some community clinics—there’s a reason why. To best serve children, teens and adults who have rare and complex conditions, Gillette operates differently from other hospitals:

  • You work with a team, led by our board-certified physicians, to coordinate and provide care.
  • You get all the services someone with a particular condition requires—everything from imaging and diagnosis to surgery, rehabilitation therapy and related services.
  • You get more time for appointments.

Learn more about the quality of care we provide.

Shoppable Services

We want you to be informed about the price of the medical services your family needs. That’s why we put together our Shoppable Services, the 300 most common services our patients receive, and their relevant charges. 

Review Our Shoppable Services

The prices in the document do not consider your individual health or financial situation. Contact a Gillette Financial Advocate for an in-depth assessment of your out-of-pocket costs at 651-325-2177.

Health care pricing and medical billing can be complicated. Certain factors, such as the actual services performed or changes in your insurance coverage, may affect the amount you owe. We understand your concerns about the cost of health care and want to help you address them. Your final billed charges will be reflected on a final billing statement, which will include all hospital charges, such as charges for room, equipment use, supplies and services provided by Gillette.

Our goal is to make sure the comprehensive, expert care we provide is available to any family who needs it. We have financial resources like the Gillette Assistance Program (GAP) and our Gillette financial advocates. Our financial advocates are available to help you calculate a price estimate that includes your insurance coverage and financial support options.

Contact a Gillette Financial Advocate for an in-depth assessment of your out-of-pocket costs at 651-325-2177.

Our goal is to make sure the comprehensive, expert care we provide is available to each family who needs it. Gillette has many resources to help you afford the health care you need. Contact our financial advocates to determine if you qualify for any financial assistance or ask questions at 651-325-2177.

Many Gillette families qualify for the Gillette Assistance Program (GAP). We established GAP to help our patients cover current bills, future copayments and deductibles. Eligibility for the financial assistance program is based on family size and income.

We recommend contacting a Gillette financial advocate for a more accurate price estimate that assesses your financial situation, including type of insurance, co-pays, deductibles and ability to pay.

Our team of financial advocates is ready to help. Email or call 651-325-2177.

When you call a Gillette financial advocate, they can help you:

  • Put together an in-depth estimate of your care cost, including your insurance coverage and financial assistance.
  • Work with your insurance provider(s) and/or Medical Assistance to get details about benefits and coverage.
  • Find out if your insurance requires a referral or physician’s order.
  • File an appeal if your insurance provider denies your request for care at Gillette.
  • Understand the bills you receive from Gillette.
  • Set up a payment plan, if needed.
  • Apply for financial assistance through the Gillette Assistance Program.
  • Learn about grant opportunities from UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation.
  • Discuss our list of standard charges.

We always keep your questions and personal information completely confidential.

Contact a Gillette financial advocate 30 days before your visit so that we can get the facts you need. Make sure you have:

  • Your health insurance card/cards, if any.
  • Your Medical Assistance card, if any.
  • The name of the policyholder for your health insurance coverage, if any.