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Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare cares for patients who have some of the most complex, rare and traumatic conditions in pediatric medicine, including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Unlike other children’s hospitals, we don’t often talk about cures at Gillette because many of the conditions we treat are permanent and require lifelong care. But we know that with innovative medical and surgical intervention, proven therapies and orthotics, prosthetics and seating, and the support of compassionate health care professionals, children who have these conditions can thrive and live happy, healthy, productive lives.

Children who have disabilities and complex medical needs—and their families—have been at the center of our mission for more than 120 years. Learn more about how we’ve built on our long history to set the standard of care for some of the most challenging childhood conditions.

Our Mission

We partner with individuals and families to provide specialized, coordinated care for individuals who have complex, rare, or traumatic conditions starting in childhood.

Our Vision

We redefine what is possible in all we do so every child can realize their full potential. 

Meet Our Families

Our patients and families push us to do things a little differently at Gillette. Every day, we're inspired by their stories and strength. 

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